Another Mural Saved #FreemanMural

Apr 10, 2019 | Video

Art conservator Scott Sherwood (center) with volunteers Bill Walsh and Ky Kluber, see 10 months of their hard work go up on final display at Freeman School.

It’s a fabulous restoration of a once-lost artwork. From the dogged persistence of art researcher Mary Ann Signorelli, who just KNEW it had to be somewhere in the building, to teacher Faith Greising, who had a flash of inspiration about where to look, to Alderman Mike Saville who championed the project, it was a long road, but worth it.

Shout out to Daniel Sabin who created the mount and frame, and the maintenance crew from SD129 who made moving it look (more or less) easy. And Scott is a genius. And Ky does great videos.

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